• Kristen Lamoreaux

Gratitude – because I can’t sew.

Many of our formerly unsung heroes are now our amazing frontline heroes. We were all in awe of the NYFD firefighters who went into the towers on 9/11 and are now equally in awe of the tens of thousands of healthcare volunteers who have come out of retirement or left safer zones to join the fight in our country’s hardest hit areas.  We applaud and are grateful for the grocery store workers who are tirelessly restocking shelves or shopping on behalf of our most at-risk neighbors. It is right for us to applaud and appreciate everyone who is going above and beyond, and after being a homeschool teacher only a few weeks, my respect for teachers everywhere is through the roof! 

My family is fortunate in that our school district had laptops to hand out, but obviously there are more schools operating without technology. If you would like to help public school teachers across the US, visit www.DonorsChoose.Org which is a portal where every public school teacher can post their classroom needs and donors like you and I “choose” which projects we’d like to fund.  Projects are classified by Technology, Science, Reading, Art supplies, etc. as well as by geography and poverty levels. There is also a dedicated Covid-19 page now as well that can deliver supplies directly to teachers (instead of the closed school) which then get channeled to children’s homes. DonorsChoose.Org has the best rates and channels for procuring supplies and tablets, and they are incredibly transparent on how every penny is spent. You can trust them and the incredible work they do. 

I can’t sew masks.  I can’t volunteer in a healthcare setting.  I can stay home.  I can give my time and expertise coaching companies, diversity organizations, individuals, and students through these unprecedented times. I can support organizations who are helping those I can’t. Think through what you can do for your family and friends and your neighbors – even if it’s just sending them a smile! Try and find one thing to do for others each day.  You will feel better and less adrift in all this uncertainty.

Kristen Lamoreaux is a cultivator of talent that derives joy from helping others achieve their potential. Her integrity, candor, and focus on moving things forward ensure you will always get the hard truth from her mentoring heart. A woman of energy and action, Kristen is a self-proclaimed “Inclusionist” who dedicates her efforts, both personally and professionally, toward helping people and organizations reap the benefits from diverse leadership teams.

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